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The business payment solutions that'll grow your brand

The business payment solutions that'll grow your brand

To help your business grow locally or globally, you’ll need the right online payment methods combined into one simple solution.

Whether you’re an SME or enterprise-level organization, choosing a solution that works for your business can lead to an increase in sales, decrease in churn rates, and better cash flow.

And in this guide, we’ll take you through your best options so you can make an informed decision about the business payment solution for you.

The types of small business payment solutions

Today’s consumers look for a wide variety of payment methods, with older customers often relying on cards and younger generations looking for trendier options.

So, it’s good business practice to offer the payment options that match your customers’ needs.

What are the different types of payment methods?

One of the best ways to help your customers is to offer a wide range of payment types.

These can be traditional methods (such as debit or credit cards). Or they can be alternative payment methods, which are becoming increasingly popular in the digital era.

Your online business payment solutions can include:

What is the best payment service for a small business?

One of the best approaches to online payment solutions for small businesses is to choose various methods to meet the needs of your customers.

You’ll need a payment processor for this, who’ll supply you with a global payment gateway. Basically, this means at your checkout you can then provide multiple payment options.

And your customer can choose the option that works best for them. For example, using a debit card or with their digital wallet.

What are payment processing solutions?

In the world of finance, payment processors are businesses that act as a mediator between merchants and customers.

When a merchant uses a payment processor in its checkout, a customer can enter their payment details and have these (encrypted) sent to their preferred bank.

The details are then verified and cleared in a matter of seconds, completing the transaction.

Payment processing is convenient, fast, and secure. It increases your payment acceptance rates and sales, making it one of the most reliable methods available in the industry.

The benefits of using a payment processor

As payment solutions for small businesses go, your payment processor will provide you with the following benefits:

  • The flexibility to accept credit and debit cards.
  • Future-proofing your checkout with the latest alternative payment methods (APMs).
  • Integrate payments with your systems.
  • Scaling up options.
  • Flexibility to grow your business.
  • Offer customers more—APMS will ensure you meet demand.
  • Ensure your business stays competitive in your industry.

So, there are plenty of reasons why you should commit to a processor. But which one should you choose?

FasterPay’s enterprise-level payment solution

You can save time with a simple integration process using FasterPay, whether you have coding experience or not.

  • Our platform provides a seamless online checkout. It’s easy to setup and provide your business with:
  • Generated pay buttons—simply copy and paste the HTML into your website.
  • Multi-currency global payment processing.
  • Our highly popular checkout page, so we take care of your customer’s transactions.
  • Recurring billing with our subscriptions.
  • Plugins like WHMCS, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.
  • FasterPay Android SDK to make app payments easy.
  • Seamless and secure payment processing.
  • Exclusive business tools and features.
  • Maximized revenue.

You can find the FasterPay pricing plans to see the charges involved.

Your fees can vary by business model, but we ensure ROI as you reduce churn rates with enterprise-level transaction features.

What is the cheapest way to take card payments?

If you’re an SME on a small budget then cost-effectiveness is an essential part to receiving all types of payments, especially cards.

Payment processing for small businesses is a particularly effective way to keep your card payments cheap.

Payment rates are very low based on each order processed, making card payments cheap and secure.

Business travel payment solutions

While you need to think of payment solutions for your customers, what about for your employees in the event they go on a business trip?

Naturally, there’s a solution for this already that’s easy to set up.

Prepaid credit/debit cards provide your travelling staff members with a set budget to rely on. All you have to do is add money to the card before the staff member sets off.

Then, during a trip, they can spend within their budget.

FasterPay provides enterprise-level payment solutions

Are you ready to try out FasterPay and take advantage of a platform that’ll provide you with enterprise-level payment solutions for online businesses?

It’s one platform with multiple payment solutions. You can create a Business account here: FasterPay business account.

You can also download our app:

Any questions? We have our 24/7 customer support team just waiting to respond:

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