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FasterPay has the cheapest way to send money to Indonesia

FasterPay has the cheapest way to send money to Indonesia

FasterPay has now launched an upgrade with our partner in Indonesia. You can transfer funds throughout the country.

That makes it much easier to manage your finances and to save money, as well as to send money to Indonesia.

Check out the full details below, with details on what the update means and how you’ll benefit from it.

About FasterPay’s update

Our latest feature update allows our users and merchants to choose from more bank accounts in Indonesia. And we support the Doku digital wallet.

And you can do this by identifying a bank account number.

Or with your Doku wallet, with either the account holder’s email or the 10 digit account ID.

This lets you manage out-of-network transfers and payouts. And that means they’ll have greater flexibility when it comes to fund transfers.

The good news for merchants is it can help you to save on costs.

All in all, it’s much cheaper and easier for our customers and that makes FasterPay one of the best ways to send money to Indonesia.

Here are some important details on costs involved:

There’s a $3.00 flat fee charge. Once you complete a transfer, the funds transfer nearly instantly—usually in a matter of just seconds. The service is available 24/7.

How to send money to Indonesian bank accounts

To send funds, first of all you need to open a FasterPay account. It’s free and provides a wide range of extra features.

That includes the chance to send and receive funds, make top-ups, transfer money to Indonesia, and convert funds.

With FasterPay, you can easily send funds using features such as our transfer methods. These are all at competitive rates.

You may find a few of our guides useful, So here’s a guide to digital wallets you’ll find useful.

If you’re a merchant, we have a full guide to using FasterPay for your business.

Just so you know, for the Indonesian market, we support the Doku digital wallet. Senders can identify this with their account number or email.

The advantages of transferring with FasterPay

You can use our payment features to send money all around the world.

We offer quick and convenient features, all at cheap costs. There’s also flexibility thanks to our multi-currency accounts.

And you can access all of the above from one account (app or desktop), which has all of the latest security features to keep your data safe.

We also have a 24/7 customer support team available should you have any queries. You can contact them here:

Make cheap, fast, and secure transfers in Indonesia

What’s the best way to send money to Indonesia? Whether you’re a merchant or consumer, FasterPay makes your payments faster and secure with our transfer features.

If you’d like to access a free personal or business account, try out FasterPay. You can also download the app:

We also put the customer experience first. If you have any questions, contact our 24/7 team:

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