FasterPay’s dynamic digital wallet

Make your payments a cinch with a digital wallet for every occasion. For online payments, fund swaps with friends, or currency conversions, FasterPay makes paying easy and secure.

Move money worldwide in seconds

FasterPay is a pay service that lets you pay online worldwide in seconds! You can transfer to your friends from different countries without any banking details. Enjoy fast and secure transfers, currency conversions, and more! No matter of currencies and countries, it's easy, fast, and secure.

FasterPay debit card

Want to keep your funds in your FasterPay account and spend it? You can! Issue a FasterPay debit card and use the balance directly from your account.

Download the app

Ready to get started? Download the FasterPay app!

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FasterPay services

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Having difficulties? Send us your issue, we're here to help you out 24/7.

Secure vault

Secure vault

Keep your balance safe. FasterPay has the highest level of security in the Payment Card Industry.

Anti-fraud system

Anti-fraud system

FasterPay has KYC/KYB process implemented so you can enjoy risk-free payments.

FasterPay is a new way for you to pay online

Time for you to open FasterPay accounts to easily manage your multi-currency balances, global transactions safely.

FasterPay - Money-Ins, Money-Outs, and Payments.

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