Make cross-border payments with FasterPay

Doing cross-border business? Add the FasterPay widget to receive payments from your users. You can allow users to pay with the currencies they prefer with payment methods they want to use. Frequent user? Ask them to pay with FasterPay!

Cross-border widget key features

If you have users from different countries shopping, FasterPay makes their user experience streamlined and secure.


Cross platform

The FasterPay widget is supported across different platforms. Including PC, iOS, Android, and SmartTV.


Easy top ups

Let users top up their FasterPay wallet to easily make payments wherever they are in the world—it takes seconds to top up and improves your transaction acceptance rate.


Multi-currency accounts

Open multi-currency accounts to allow customers to pay with their preferred currency, helping to increase user trust and satisfaction with your brand.


Credit cards

FasterPay users can make payments using their credit cards. They can also choose to do top up and pay or store credit card details for future payments.


Alternative options

FasterPay allows users to make payments using 150+ alternative payment methods including mobile payments, prepaid cards, bank transfer, and direct debit.