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Sell more with 200 payment methods from FasterPay and Wix

Sell more with 200 payment methods from FasterPay and Wix

FasterPay is delighted to launch its partnership with Wix! It’s one of the world’s very best website builders for merchants, and we’re making the customer experience better than ever.

Merchants using Wix now have access to 200 local payment methods.

Wherever you want to sell, these localized options will match your customers’ needs, increase your sales, and improve cash flow.

And that’s thanks to the combination of Wix’s brilliant and innovative website building features plus FasterPay’s payment processing platform. Here’s a closer look at our partner!

About Wix’s leading website builder

Wix is a powerful e-commerce platform for SMEs and businesses to set up online shops without coding experience. The service is beneficial for startups and first-time merchants since they can future-proof their business concepts with an enterprise-level shopping and payment experience.

Merchants can make a website and access industry-leading tools to grow their business in the online space.

And now Wix customers can also integrate FasterPay’s powerful payment solutions to quickly and securely process customer orders. We also make your Wix website process payments faster, increasing user convenience.

If you’re a merchant looking to scale up and reach global customers, it’s never been a better time to sign up and make the most of your international opportunities.

FasterPay and Wix’s sales-boosting merchant features

FasterPay and Wix work together perfectly.

Our main features are designed to provide your customers with the ideal user experience. We offer:

  • Payment flexibility: Meet customer expectations with over 200 payment options, including localized methods, ranging from digital wallets to cards and bank transfers.
  • Scalability: Get an enterprise-level shopping and payment experience with options to help you target your goals, reach more customers, and enter new markets.
  • Security: We’re 3-D Secure. You can also enable PCI DSS Level-1 compliant payments, the highest security level available in the industry. You can now process the cards without having to store the sensitive card data and be responsible for it.
  • Risk management: Protect your business and customers with Passport.Risk, real-time security engine that alerts and declines suspicious transactions.
  • Easy integration: No coding skills necessary! Just add a few lines of code... and you’re all set.
  • 24/7 customer support: Get help with any payment-related problem from our customer service team, which is spread across three continents.

Want to get started? It’s time to sign-up for FasterPay.

Current Wix customers can now add our checkout features to an online shop and start accepting payments via 200+ payment methods worldwide once the KYC process is completed.

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