A real-time money management dashboard

FasterPay provides you with different types of real-time dashboards. You can use them for crucial customer behavior data, optimize your website, and improve your monetization.

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Transfer money instantly all over the world

Use your real-time dashboard to manage daily transaction needs and to increase your payment acceptance rates.

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Real-time dashboard key features

Allocate costs efficiently with automatic payments reconciliation. Leverage detailed spending insights for smart budgeting and forecasting. Onboard all your global entities to one integrated platform. Automate reporting and accounting tasks. Analyze your data online or download it.

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Transaction reports that show every payments, sends, receives, top ups, conversion, and settlements—all from one account. 

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With a processing report, you can manage received payments and chargebacks simultaneously. With FasterPay, you'll monetize your global business.

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Money flows

Get real-time updates on your transaction money flow report for crucial data on top ups, transfers, and currency conversions.

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Users report

Who are the VIP users with the highest brand loyalty? Who's an infrequent buyer? Check FasterPay user reports for all the key data to customize the user experience.